Deputy Director of Administration

Deputy Director of Tauragė district municipality administration

The municipal executive body is the director of the municipal administration, the deputy director (s) of the municipal administration (when this (these) position (s) is (are) established and when this (these) position (s) is (are) empowered by the executive), with public administration rights and duties.
Deputy Director of Administration

Tomas Raulinavičius

+370 652 20 116

+370 446 62 850

Deputy Director of Tauragė district municipality administration

Life description

Tomas Raulinavičius was born on May 22, 1983 in Pagėgiai municipality, Vilkyškiai city. He attended Vilkyškiai secondary school, later graduated from Klaipėda University with a degree in Lithuanian philology and librarianship. He lives in Tauragė for about 10 years.

Since 2013 The man worked as an assistant to the Member of the Seimas Stasys Šedbaras, and since 2015 he has been the head of the newspaper Tauragės žinios. From 2017 – Member of the Council of Tauragė District Municipality, worked in the Economic, Financial and Strategic Planning Committee.

T. Raulinavičius is also a member of the Old Town community and the Riflemen’s Union.

Hobbies: sports, traveling.
Deputy Director of Administration welcomes those interested Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00. at:

Respublikos str. 2, Tauragė 72256, Cabinet No. 206

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