Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor of Tauragė district municipality Virginija Eičienė

The municipal council shall appoint one or more deputy mayors from among the members of the council on the proposal of the mayor for the term of office. The deputy mayor is appointed by secret ballot. The deputy mayor chairs a meeting of the municipal council when the mayor is unable to attend the decision.
Deputy Mayor

Virginija Eičienė

+370 446 62 812

+370 446 70 801

Life description

I was born in 1961. September 2 In the family of Joana and Fabijonas Samoškės, who lived in Pagramantis district, Ringiai village. 1976 I graduated from Pagramantis eight-year school (now Pagramantis Basic School). 1980 In Šilalė district Seaside Soviet farm-technical school I acquired the specialty of agronomist. I was awarded a bachelor’s degree in public administration at Kaunas University of Technology.

1980–2005 I worked as the director of the Pagramantis Culture House in Tauragė district, art director. 2005-2010 – Agricultural specialist of Lauksargiai eldership, 2010–2011. Tauragė eldership agricultural specialist. 2011-2015 – Assistant Mayor of Tauragė District Municipality, 2015–2016. – Adviser to the Mayor of Tauragė District Municipality.

Since 2007 I became involved in the activities of the Lithuanian Peasants’ and People’s Union (now the Lithuanian Peasants’ and Greens’ Union).

I actively participate in public activities – I am a member of the Sungailiškės rural community, the leader of the women’s ensemble.

I have two sons, Donata and Fabijon, who have already started their own families.

My motto: “Live righteously, love the weaker, work honestly in your daily work to be useful and necessary for society.”
The mayor receives visitors at:

Respublikos str. 2, Tauragė 72256, Cabinet No. 203 (reception time: IV: 13:00 - 16:00)

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