Advisors to the Mayor

Mayor of Tauragė district municipality Dovydas Kaminskas

The representative institution of a municipality is the municipal council with the rights and duties of local government and public administration, which is headed by a directly elected member of the municipal council – Mayor – in a single-member constituency in accordance with the Law on Municipal Council Elections of the Republic of Lithuania. The mayor is the head of the municipality, exercising the powers provided for in this and other laws.

Contacts of the mayor's advisers

Adviser to the mayor

Jurgita Choromanskytė

8 671 82 245

8 446 61 733

Cabinet No. 216

Adviser to the mayor

Kasparas Bertašius

8 631 97 318

8 446 70 081

Cabinet No. 221

Adviser to the mayor

Šarūnė Stasytienė

8 446 70081

Cabinet No. 481

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